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How to choose forklift truck


After eighteen months ‘effort, "Block handler forklift loader standard" was completed in efforts of "XIAJIN MACHINERY" and the relevant authorities, leaders and experts, the "standard" will soon be thrown off the mysterious veil. It will be a very important contribution to the users, society and the country.

Forklift truck technology has developed more than eight years, why there are so many people who choose wrong. Summary is following aspects:

1. Bosses think that forklift truck technology person is the simple marketing staff. XIAJIN people often encounter such this problem and explain to bosses, "What kind of loader is the forklift truck", "What kind of technology was capable of operating stone blocks", some bosses are very impatient, until a week later, they bought the wrong loader used in quarry when regret and angry! But why can not always had a serious and rational manner to treat their investment? Lessons lead people to think deeply! Because forklift truck is a special mining equipment, is a demanding technical and safety products! The election of the right forklift truck is on their investments for its own mines, on the safety of staff in charge of their own mines !

2.Too many non-professional practitioners do not know stone blocks technical and safety requirements in the operating process

3.The simple cheap mentality, in a cheating trick. In recent years, many machinery companies or individuals and business to business, simply put the product together, or even simply to get into a forklift loader, deceive consumers, using a variety of marketing and not the normal means, the product sold at a low price even huge kickbacks high price contract, but the customer to buy the actual job as a pile of scrap metal found.

4. Misunderstood forklift truck features, it confused with the loader or forklift. On the market, many consumers can not correctly understand the forklift truck, they use wheel loader as forklift loader, resulting in a job can not achieve the desired effect. Forklift truck is a completely different loaders and forklifts high-tech equipment, it has big difference in the job object, off-road performance, operational quality, reliability, brake performance with stone block forklift loader…

5.The traditional conservative ideology insists that only the state-owned enterprise to a trusted and famous, not knowing unprofessional mature technology, it can’t produce forklift truck.

Based on the above state of mind, a lot of customers in the purchase of forklift truck enter into the thinking errors, and ultimately led to the "regret", "buying the wrong" phenomenon. you may have thought most likely it is because of your time "to buy the wrong", will give your business to suffer huge losses, slowed the pace of business success. Therefore, in order to flourish mines cause, please select "XIAJIN MACHINERY"! You give "XIAJIN MACHINERY" an opportunity, "XIAJIN MACHINERY" will also give you mine safety and smooth!

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