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The forklift loader shall have 4 basic functions in mining: prying,handling,stacking,loading and unloading,so as to ensure the safety and efficiency during mining.


XIAJIN MACHINERY, the Drafter of Forklift Wheel Loader National Standards appointed by SAC (Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China)! XIAMEN XIAJIN MACHINERY CO., LTD was established in the east of beautiful Xiamen island on March 2000. We are specialized in XJ series of block handler arrangement, port equipment (train arrangement machine, port grab handler), container equipment (container forklift loader, spiral unloading machine, etc.), wheel loader, heavy duty timber loader etc. Current product lines include: 9 – 52 tons forklift loader; 3 – 12 tons loader; and 3 – 32 tons timber loader. 3 advanced production lines, 1 independent R&D center and 3600m2 test field can satisfy the annual output up to 1500 sets. We can accomplish client’s specific needs and are available for OEM/ODM cooperation. As a creative and technical pursuit company, XIAJIN MACHINERY has achieved a lot of awards, 43 patents (1 international PCT patent, 4 invention patents and 38 utility patents), however, the greatest pride is that we are appointed as the Drafter of Forklift Wheal Loader National Standards by SAC and set up the Forklift Loader National Standards Drafting Office in 2014. Our machines not just supply in the domestic market, also export to all over the world. Thanks to our cost-effective products and good service, we now have many partners inIndia,Thailand,Russia,South Africa,Saudi Arabia,Indonesia,Ukraine,Brazil,Mozambique, etc. They are highly appreciated with the performance of our products and the profits. XIAJIN MACHINERY is looking forward to creating wealth hand in hand with you! We will continue improving our management system, enhancing R&D team and aftersales service to support all clients from home and abroad.
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    2017  Attended ISO/TC127& SC 1 to 4 Plenary Meetings Japan 2017, on behalf of SAC, our company submitted 2 international standards proposals, Earthwork Machinery—Wheel Type Forklift Loader Terminology & Commercial Specifications and Earthwork Machinery — Safety of Wheel Type Forklift Loader  2016  Honored as the State High-Tech Enterprise; acquired “Hydraulic Wet Brake” Patent from SIPO 2015  Forklift Loader National Standards drafted by our company was reviewed by expert group 2014  Our company finished the shareholding system reform; Forklift Loader National Standards Drafting Office has been set up in our company 2013  Our company launched the first Container Forklift Loader; 28 tons XJ968-28 Large Laoder acquired “National Leading Product” certificate; Large-tonnage Heavy Duty Forklift Loader Project won the Second Class Prize of Municipal Science and Technology Progress Awards; honorably appointed by SAC as the drafter of Forklift Loader 2012  Obtained CE Certificate; acquired 8 Patents from SIPO; Awarded the name of “Xiamen Intellectual Property Right Model Enterprise” 2011  Forklift Loader Provincial Standards jointly drafted by our company was approved by BQT of Fujian; applied Patent of Large-tonnage Heavy Duty Forklift Loader 2010  Our company launched the first 25 tons Forklift Loader (XJ968-25) inChina 2009  Honored asXiamenHigh-TechEnterprise 2008  Our company launched the first 16 tons Forklift Loader (XJ953-16) inChina 2007  Awarded asXiamen100 Growing Enterprises 2006  Authorized the Import & Export License 2005  Loaders and Timber Forklift Loaders exported toThailand, Russia etc. 2003  Won a large number of tenders from local governments such as Yantai, Shenzhen, and Guangdong etc. 2000  Founded and registered as legal company

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    From traditional wheel loaders develop to five categories of products, including mining equipment and port equipment etc, XIAJIN has embarked on a road of independent innovation in industrial technology development, and also XIAJIN is a national standard settler. XIAJIN takes various industrial technology centers as the main body of research and development, and constantly develops new products. XIAJIN have flourished in the stage of world large mechanical equipment in five categories of products, such as forklift loader, wooden clamping machine, advanced large driving axle, railway truck bulk leveling machine, and container rotary unloading equipment.

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    XIAJIN MACHINERY continuously meet the needs of users as the source of quality manufacturing power, listen to products recommendations from users. From details to the overall situation, from products to management, always adhere to the relentless pursuit of quality, steadily improve brand value.

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    Product after-sale service is the enterprise solemn commitment to the customer , is also an excellent brand value soul. We provide customers with whole-process service from pre-sale, mid-sale to after-sale service, and integrate value-added service into every link, so as to improve the use products efficiency to users and increase profits.


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The forklift loader shall have 4 basic functions in mining: prying,handling,stacking,loading and unloading,so as to ensure the safety and efficiency during mining.

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we produce every machine that can adapt to all kinds of working environment and provide high efficiency and safety guarantee for user's production.
block handler equipment

block handler equipment

stone forklift loader. The mac load is 34t/1800mm. Engine:Top-grade 199KW Diesel WEICHAI engine or CUMMINS 300HP engine. Operating Weight 35.5t, Rated load 32t.

stone forklift loader 28t

stone forklift loader 28t

block handler equipment. The max load is 29t/1800mm,28t/2800mm. Engine: Top-grade 178kw Diesel WEICHAI engine. Operating weight 33.5t.

Quick coupler, easily to change fork and bucket

Quick coupler, easily to change fork and bucket

Quick coupler, easily to change fork and bucket. Rated Power: 199KW, Operating Weight: 34tons; Fork working Rated load: 27tons; Bucket Working Capacity: 3m³

Container Rotating Loader Unloading Stage

Container Rotating Loader Unloading Stage

The 20-foot container (rated load:40 tons), 360 degrees of controllable rotation, to meet the efficient loading and unloading of bulk materials, such as iron ore powder, cinder, grain and so on.It pla...

container rotating loader unloading Powder

container rotating loader unloading Powder

Container Rotating Loader Unloading Powder.

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We have excellent foreign trade personnel, professional product research and development team, efficient production team, we have quickly respond after-sales service personnel.

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XIAJIN MACHINERY adds one more national invention patent

Good news: Recently, Xiajin Machinery has been granted one more national invention patent, the name of the invention patent: Forklift Assembly Tool with Flipping Function and Forklift Assembly Machine...

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Forklift loader national standard won the "Fujian Province Standard Contribution Second Prize"

Recently, the Office of the Fujian Provincial Standard Contribution Award Committee announced the list of winners for the 9th Fujian Provincial Standard Contribution Award. The Fujian Provincial Stand...

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Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users

Quick change coupler forklift loader refers to the use of a hydraulic system instead of manual knocking on the pin shaft to replace the entire machine's accessories. There are two model...

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Xiajin forklift loader has withstood the test of stone mining around the world

Xiajin Machinery was founded in 2000. After 23 years of efforts, the company has six series of high-tech products, including forklift loader products that have been widely used in stone mini...

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Forklift loader series product news

What is forklift loader ? In the national standard ,forklift loader definitions are as follows: The front end is equipped with a block fork working device/auxiliary device mainly used for forking the ...

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Xiajin Forklift loader meets with you at the Indida Bangalore International Stone Exhibition

From February 15 to 18, 2023, Xiajin Forklift loader meets with you at the Indida Bangalore International Stone Exhibition, the booth number is C23 Xiajin Machinery has been deeply involved in the fie...

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