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XIAJIN MACHINERY adds one more national invention patent


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Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users

Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users


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XJ988-35F 35tons forklift wheel loader

Operate weight :40800KG

Rated Load 35tons

Engine Rated power:WEICHAI 247KW 

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35tons forklift wheel loader :

The weight of the product is 40.8 tons. Under the condition of flat fork, the maximum loading of 900mm load center is 35 tons /1.8 meters. In the straight line state, the overturning load reaches 38500KG.


Top-grade Diesel WEICHAI engine , with intercooler system, with multinomial patents, synthesize multilevel compound desert air filter technology, high efficiency, low noise and cooling technology, especially using in dusty environment.

Drive axle

XIAJIN MACHINERY own patent heavey duty disc brake ,when the climbing slope is less than 35% and the total weight is 75 tons (including cargo weight). Strong load capacity and braking system are the safety guarantee of mine operation.

Couter weight

Designed as large corners is our the patented technology. To reduce the collision with raw materials in the mine operation. The overall material is made of stronger steel plate.

Oil pipe

Oil-pipes for high-pressure position adopts high-value and durable PARKER pipe. More reliable and durable.


With special design, the steel plate of the whole vehicle is thickened, and the hinged pins and bearings are enlarged to improve the carrying capacity. The double rocker arm structure not only fully considers the technical requirements of forklift loader in open mining, but also meets the driver's sight in the operation of the hole mine

Control System
Modern, humanized pilot control valve , advanced electric control shift function, easy to operate

Hydraulic oil

Original HV68# low condensation anti-wear hydraulic oil, air cooling type good heat dissipation.

Humanized equipments

Luxury professional cab, special air-conditioner, oil gauge, drinking cup and windscreen wiper water spray setting.MP3 player, drinking cup. high and low adjustment seat, greatly reduce the fatigue of the driver.


Model                                                                   WEICHAI

Rated Power                                                        247KW

Overall dimension

Overall length                                                      10100mm

Overall width                                                        3260mm

Overall height                                                      3715mm

Performance parameters of entire machine

Operating weight                                                  40.8T

Max.load in Max.lifting height                                3030mm 

Rated load                                                            35T

Turning angle                                                       32°

Turning radius                                                      9150mm

Wheel base                                                           4280mm

Tread                                                                    2400mm

Min.ground clearance                                           480mm

Haul location height                                               ≤300mm

Climbing gradient                                                  20°

Fuel tank capacity                                                 460L

Hydraulic fuel tank capacity                                   460L

Dimensions of fork

L x W x H                                                                1650 x 300 x 135 mm

Distance of fork                                                       ≤1740mm

Specification of tire

Tire type                                                                  29.5R25

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