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Summer maintenance of wood clamping loader and forklift loader


Hot summer, high temperature is a great challenge to the driver and wood clamping loader and forklift loader. Drivers should not only prepare warm water and wind medicated oil, but also prepare anti-heat medicine, at the same time, drivers are easy to fatigue, so we should ensure adequate sleep for more efficient completion of daily work. Similarly, when wood clamping loader and forklift loader in the face of high temperature working environment, regular maintenance and maintenance can help them better cope with the challenge of high temperature, to ensure the mechanical performance of the whole machine and construction efficiency!

Summer maintenance should pay attention to the following:

1. Add and replace antifreeze fluid in time

Antifreeze is not only used in winter!The high boiling point characteristic, It can effectively prevent the cooling water from boiling in hot summer, that is very important for the daily use.Therefore, if you don’t want to let your forklift loader"high fever, high temperature", you should check whether the antifreeze needs to be replaced or added. Besides you must replace the specified professional antifreeze, use different brands of antifreeze mixture is forbidden, otherwise it will corrode or block the whole engine cooling system.

2. check the brake, beware of tire puncture

For the wheel forklift loader, in the summer continuous operation, high temperature will lead to tire pressure increase, and cause tire burst.So need to check the brake efficiency of the whole machine often, in order to reduce the potential accident.In the process of inspection and maintenance, never use cold water to pour tires and brakes to force cooling, which will bring serious damage to the equipment.

3.Use original quality fuel oil and engine oil

Try to buy all kinds of oil required by the whole machine equipment through regular channels, such as fuel oil, engine oil, transmission oil, butter, etc., to ensure quality.At the same time in the replenishment of fuel and oil should not be excessive, because that will increas fuel consumption, and make the engine high temperature.In addition, we should pay attention to the fact that if the fuel is transported by the tanker, it needs to be left for more than 2 hours, and then added after the impurities precipitate.

4.Use good quality butter

Good quality butter has a very important effect on the performance of the whole machine.As the temperature rises in summer, the adhesion performance of butter will be reduced after it becomes soft. Then the lubrication performance of various working devices will decline, thus causing a variety of mechanical faults. Butter with good heat resistance can maintain its adhesion performance at a higher service temperature, and its deterioration and failure process is also slow.

5. Maintain a clean and comfortable operating environment

In hot summer quarries, a clean and comfortable operating environment is very important for the health and efficiency of drivers. When using air conditioning in summer, should remember to check cab air conditioning system comprehensively, include radiator whether to have foreign body to wait, accomplish periodic clean change, assure the refrigeration effect of air conditioning.

6. Check electrical circuit and beware of oil pipe burst

Summer high temperature, all kinds of circuit in the machine is more likely to heat, we should check whether the line is broken, prevent and avoid short-circuit spontaneous combustion every day before the operation. At the same time, we should also check whether the whole machine in the oil pipe crack and hardening, to prevent oil pipe burst.

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