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/ XIAJIN Forklift Loader Obtained CE certification -- -- got a pass to export to EU

XIAJIN Forklift Loader Obtained CE certification -- -- got a pass to export to EU


XIAJIN forklift loader obtained European Union CE certification is once again confirmed that the our products excellent technology and quality, for the brand radiation power to the global expansion provides a strong guarantee."CE" mark is a kind of safety certification mark in the European market, the full name of which is CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. CE certification is the most advanced evaluation mode to evaluate products at present. Therefore, this certification has always been an important symbol of the production scale, product quality and competitiveness of export enterprises.

CE certification is a mandatory product safety certification implemented by the European Union. It requires that no matter products produced by enterprises within the eu or products from other countries, the CE mark must be affixed to them for free circulation in the European market.The CE mark is the only mark indicating that the product conforms to the European directive. All European countries have incorporated the CE mark into their national laws and administrative procedures."XIAJIN machinery" stone block handler equipment, loose material leveling loader, wheel loader, and other products through the European CE certification, fully demonstrates the safety, health, environmental protection and the request of the consumer protection etc.

The application for CE certification has obtained an unimpeded pass for the export of "XIAJIN machinery" to the European Union, which indicates that the product design and production capacity of "XIAJIN machinery" have reached the advanced level in the world, which will certainly have a positive and far-reaching impact on the development of "XIAJIN machinery"!

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