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XIAJIN MACHINERY adds one more national invention patent

XIAJIN MACHINERY adds one more national invention patent


Good news: Recently, Xiajin Machinery has been granted one more national invention patent, the name of the invention patent: Forklift Assembly Tool with Flipping Function and Forklift Assembly Machine...

Forklift loader national standard won the

Forklift loader national standard won the "Fujian Province Standard Contribution Second Prize"


Recently, the Office of the Fujian Provincial Standard Contribution Award Committee announced the list of winners for the 9th Fujian Provincial Standard Contribution Award. The Fujian Provincial Stand...

Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users

Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users


Quick change coupler forklift loader refers to the use of a hydraulic system instead of manual knocking on the pin shaft to replace the entire machine's accessories. There are two model...

Forklift loader series product news


What is forklift loader ?

In the national standard ,forklift loader definitions are as follows:

The front end is equipped with a block fork working device/auxiliary device mainly used for forking the integral block material (referred to as block material). It is a self-propelled wheeled machine that can pry, carry, load and unload and stack the block material through the forward and backward movement of the main machine and the lifting and overturning of the working device/auxiliary device.

Forklift is one of the main operating machines that focus on stone mining and block materials. It is an innovative product that integrates the advantages of large-tonnage loader and large-tonnage forklift products and improves technology. It has good mobility, safe working distance, strong driving force and prying force. It is especially suitable for the mining of stone mines, and for the realization of prying, handling, loading and unloading, stacking and other operations of 9 tons to 52 tons blocks.

Among Xiajin forklift products, there is a double-rocker XJ968-30F forklift. This model integrates the research and development history of forklift in Xiajin for 14 years. The double rocker arm structure and large load capacity design of the whole machine, as well as the special design of the boom and working device, perfectly solve the problem of the driver's sight when working. The operating weight of the whole machine is 36.5 tons, the rated load is 30 tons, and the maximum height of the fork is 3.68 meters. The smaller turning radius (8.9 meters) can adapt to the mining operation platform with a small area. It is equipped with an energy-saving and environment-friendly Weichai 199KW powerful power and a fixed-axis gearbox with CAT technology. It is combined with a single-handle electric control system to make the whole machine run flexibly and meet the requirements of various operating environments in stone mines. The technology of the whole machine has realized the strong load capacity, climbing ability and sight problem under three operating conditions under the load center of 900mm. The luxury cab is equipped with high-grade air conditioning, which creates a comfortable working environment for the driver.

With the advantages of high-end configuration and excellent cost performance, the complete machine is deeply loved and purchased by users after being put into the market.

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