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Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users

Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users


Quick change coupler forklift loader refers to the use of a hydraulic system instead of manual knocking on the pin shaft to replace the entire machine's accessories. There are two model...

Xiajin forklift loader has withstood the test of stone mining around the world

Xiajin forklift loader has withstood the test of stone mining around the world


Xiajin Machinery was founded in 2000. After 23 years of efforts, the company has six series of high-tech products, including forklift loader products that have been widely used in stone mini...

Forklift loader series product news

Forklift loader series product news


What is forklift loader ? In the national standard ,forklift loader definitions are as follows: The front end is equipped with a block fork working device/auxiliary device mainly used for forking the ...

XJ998-52E forklift loader passed the highest level technical appraisal


On January 23, the 52ton forklift loader independently developed by Xiamen Machinery passed the appraisal committee composed of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and top domestic experts.

The appraisal committee listened carefully to the summary report of the design idea, design purpose, product trial-manufacture and product user's use effect of 52 tons forklift loader from XIAJIN machinery , consulted relevant technical documents, and watched the whole machine and performance operation demonstration on site. After inquiry and discussion by the appraisal committee, it unanimously appraised and passed the advanced technical appraisal of the product.

XJ998-52E forklift loader products have realized the largest parameters of large-tonnage fork-loader at home and abroad (loading and unloading 52 tons, loading and unloading height more than 1.8m). By using special forklift loader sub-frame, the stability of the whole machine reaches 80%, the stability angle of no-load side hectare reaches 32 degrees, which meets the stability requirements of multi-working conditions. At the same time, the product is equipped with a large tonnage hydraulic wet drive axle with XIAJIN patented technology, which satisfies the advanced performance of parking brake and flame out restart on 35% ramp under full load and ensures the safety of driving brake.

XJ998-52E forklift loader won three invention patents, three utility models, and presided over the formulation of three national standards. After testing by the quality supervision and inspection center of motor vehicles in the national yard (factory), it meets the requirements of relevant national standards, and after being used by domestic and foreign users, it reflects that the product can improve work efficiency and ensure production safety. The appraisal committee considers that XJ998-52E forklift loader products have application value and promotion prospects, and the main technical indicators of the products have reached the international advanced level.

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