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Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users

Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users


Quick change coupler forklift loader refers to the use of a hydraulic system instead of manual knocking on the pin shaft to replace the entire machine's accessories. There are two model...

Xiajin forklift loader has withstood the test of stone mining around the world

Xiajin forklift loader has withstood the test of stone mining around the world


Xiajin Machinery was founded in 2000. After 23 years of efforts, the company has six series of high-tech products, including forklift loader products that have been widely used in stone mini...

Forklift loader series product news

Forklift loader series product news


What is forklift loader ? In the national standard ,forklift loader definitions are as follows: The front end is equipped with a block fork working device/auxiliary device mainly used for forking the ...

Entering South America, XIAJIN forklift loader shines in Brazil Vitoria Exhibition


Recently, as lead and the drafting unit of the nationalstandard of forklift loader enterprise, Xiajin machinery show the biggest 52tonsforklift loader in this exhibition.

XIAJIN XJM998-52E, the world's largest loader, has attractedthe attention of industry and customers. In fact, many Brazil customers knewour forklift loader, because we also attend the XIAMEN stone fair in this March,XJM998-52E block handler forklift loader, the rated load is 52 tons, themaximum rise of the fork is 74 tons, the operating weight is 57 tons, theadvanced engine, the advanced gear box, and the largest advanced hydraulic andwet drive bridge with the rated load 100 tons with independent intellectualproperty rights. It can make the whole machine achieve safe brakes and coverthe environment of 5000m altitude at an altitude of 5000m when the climbinggradient is less than 35% and the total weight is 109 tons (including theweight of the goods).

In order to let customers have a better experience, a loyaluser in Brazilprovides a 52 ton block , customers could operate and test the machinedirectly.

XIAJIN machinery participated in the exhibition, which notonly showed the latest technology made inChinawith its own intellectualproperty right, but also promoted the brand influence of inBrazil. Determinedand consolidated decision to enter the high-end market in South America.

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