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Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users

Quick change coupler forklift loader for customized users


Quick change coupler forklift loader refers to the use of a hydraulic system instead of manual knocking on the pin shaft to replace the entire machine's accessories. There are two model...

Xiajin forklift loader has withstood the test of stone mining around the world

Xiajin forklift loader has withstood the test of stone mining around the world


Xiajin Machinery was founded in 2000. After 23 years of efforts, the company has six series of high-tech products, including forklift loader products that have been widely used in stone mini...

Forklift loader series product news

Forklift loader series product news


What is forklift loader ? In the national standard ,forklift loader definitions are as follows: The front end is equipped with a block fork working device/auxiliary device mainly used for forking the ...

XIAJIN forklift loader International (ISO) standard work for China glory

With the increasing importance of standards in the world,as well as the important role of social progress of drafting of standards andthe implementation of standards! The party's eighteen, Chinese governmentimmediately request the enterprises should strive for China intervention ininternational standard status, to promote the "2015" and Chinamanufacturing to create Chinese forward China, far-reaching significance andimportance of history.
XIAJIN MACHINERY drafts the People's Republic of China  national standard (GB), in the work processthrough the application, approval, set up a working group to discuss the draftstandard, such as more than two years, forklift loader attaches greatimportance to the industry standard, as leaders of the instructions: Chinese forkliftloader national standards should be upgraded to international standards (ISO)!
The international standard requirements, like a command,a deep impression on the hearts of each Engineer XIAJIN technology center. theinternational standards expert committee, the National Standard Committeeformally submitted the ISO fork loader standard to the ISO experts on November14, 2015 .International standards experts questioned in November 30, 2016: whythe United States do not know what is called a fork loader? What is thedifference between the fork loader and wheel loader?

China national standard committee leaders heardthe clues, to hear the seriousness of the problem! They ask PPT Englishimmediately from XIAJIN to make the forklift loader Chinese standards up tointernational standards!

XIAJIN People from XIAJIN forklift loader origin,  forklift loader development, forklift loaderdefinition, forklift loader using field and working characteristics, differenttechnical requirements of forklift loader and wheel loader,, the full range ofdescription and proof, the birth and development of forklift loader productsand technology and quality management of the importance and necessity of theproducts!

2017 is a crucial year China forklift loader standards tothe international standard, and XIAJIN people will be with GB committee leader,is committed to the international standards committee expert interpretation andargue, let Chinese forklift loader national standard rises smoothly as theinternational standard for the motherland!

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